New Glass Pearls!

This week we’ve been very busy adding all the beautiful new glass pearls to the website.

New Glass Pearls at My  Beads!

New Glass Pearls at My Beads!

We have so many new colours, 4mm rounds to 10mm.

glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsH10mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsJ4mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsI4mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsG6mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsF6mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsE4mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsK8mm 4mmwhiteglasspearlsbeads glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsA10mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsB4mm

glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsC6mm glasspearlsbrisbanebeadsD10mm

Here’s the link:

Next week, we’ll be unloading a shipment of freshwater pearls!


see you then!

Michelle @ My Beads


About mybeads

My Beads is an online bead shop, located in Australia. We specialise in gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, crystals and other high quality beads. This blog is to keep all our lovely customers up to date with the behind the scenes news and info.
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