Big Shipment of Pearls has just been listed!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, as we’ve had so much stock coming in we’ve been kept very busy! I have just finished listing out latest pearl shipment, which contained heaps of new Freshwater Pearls – lovely colours and shapes, as well as many natural coloured styles as well. Check out our new pearls here!.

Tiny Rice Freshwater Pearls

Top Drilled Irregular Pearls

Deep Red Nugget Freshwater Pearls

Also just added, many new South Sea Shell Pearls – I absolutely love these pearls. We have been stocking these for a few years now, and the range has steadily grown as beaders start to realise just how great these pearls are! Perfectly round with an unbeatable lustre – these look just like the *extremely* expensive South Sea Pearls at a much more appealing price. Here’s an excerpt from the website to explain what they are –

The South-Sea Shell Pearl has recently become very popular due to its perfect lustre, shape and realistic weight. They are man-made pearls produced from the very same materials that make up a real pearl, however they are much more realistic than any previously produced faux pearls. They are produced in a lab, where the oyster shell is pulverised and reset into the shape of a perfectly round pearl. They are then coloured using a special solution to produce a beautiful, unbeatable lustre.

Here’s some pics!

Champagne Shell Pearls

Mixed Tone Shell Pearls

14mm Mixed Tone Shell Pearls

Nugget Shape Shell Pearls


About mybeads

My Beads is an online bead shop, located in Australia. We specialise in gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, crystals and other high quality beads. This blog is to keep all our lovely customers up to date with the behind the scenes news and info.
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1 Response to Big Shipment of Pearls has just been listed!

  1. Fran L says:

    These pearls are just gorgeous…and also very tempting.

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